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If you want to know more than any other writer will tell you... If you want to know how often your elected servants are screwing you over... If you want to read all the things all the others seem to pick up on one at a time, then read:
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Tucker's Appendices to Blackstone are a must read for any serious student of the US Constitution. Every citizen in every nation comprising the United States should be fully knowledgeable of how governments are formed and how governments are supposed to function. Every citizen must know that any time any government official, elected, appointed, or hired, violates the US Constitution that the violation is treason. Every citizenmust understand that only We the people are authorized to decide what the Constitution means. All Constitutions are the guiding controls for government. They are NOT controls on the people.
Tucker's Blackstone

"There ain't no good intentions clause in the Constitution!"- Dr. Bill Boyle

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You are brain-washed!
(C) - Copyright, 2004  F.W. Boyle, Jr., Ph.D.

What say you!  Me, brain-washed?  Yes say I.  Your governmenthas perpetrated upon your mind an idea, a concept, a belief that is incorrect. They did this surreptitiously using the government schools.  Thisincorrect belief is that the States are subunits of a nation and that thenation is known as the United States of America.  The method was the"Pledge of Allegiance".   Each of you reading this believes wholeheartedly that the United States is a Republic, that the United Statesis a Nation yet both these beliefs are invalid.  The United Statesis neither a Republic nor a Nation.  Nowhere in the founding documentsare these concepts written.

You are brain-washed!

Why?  Because for the federal government to take power away fromthe States the people need to believe in the superiority of the federalgovernment in every facet.  The States must be relegated to oblivionso that the federal government can take over control.  The most heinous,underhanded methods were used.  Teach the children to believe by recitingthe "Pledge of Allegiance".

You are brain-washed!

The truth.  The truth is that in 1787 the Framers of the Constitutionremoved all references to the United States as a "nation" and to the newgovernment as "national".  This was done at the urging of Mr. Ellsworthand occurred between June 20 and Aug 6 of that year.  The Framersstated explicitly that they were not forming a nation but that they wereforming a "Union" of the thirteen free and independent States (Nations). This Union was like the United Nations or the European Union.  TheUnion, rather than being sovereign which means that all power would residein Union, was not sovereign and was limited in power, holding only thosepowers granted by enumeration in the Constitution.

Why would they lie to us and  want us to believe that the USA isa nation rather than a Union?  Because those in power quest aftermore power.  Always.  If they were truly thinking beings, thosein power would have maintained the 50 nation concept because then in bodiessuch as the United Nations, the USA would command 50 votes. Yes, that meansthat each entity we know as a State is actually on par with what otherscall nation, such as France or Spain.  The United States is Unionof 50 wholes not 50 parts.

But then you are brain-washed and with the current upsurge of patriotism,more of you are swept along in the lie.  May your mind become freeand your spirit willing to throw off the lies of the government.